The Independence Syndrome of People of Scotland and Pakistan

By Sajjad Amin Bangash



With special thanks to my friend Christina Fisher, Glasgow, Scotland for cordial cooperation and sound knowledge. Together, we had been exchanging views on politics and independence movements of both of our countries i.e, Scotland and Pakistan.

I am a writer and love writing. When it comes to listening to the views, issues and concerns of the people of the world, my pen ignites my imaginations to an exasperating level to write on the dynamics and motivations which correlate to our philosophical aspects that impact our social, economical and political essences. We the people, living in this world go through similar phases and doctrine of self esteem and realization of our self determination, struggle for freedom, liberty and acquisitions of our own resources in our own possession. We always try to justify our senses with the alignment of ‘betterment and prosperity’ of our nations’ and for this, we always put forward strenuous efforts to materialize those dreams, wishes and aspirations into reality. Almost everyone of us, has the ‘wisdom of differentiation between right and wrong and the ownership of nationalist attitude about what we own and what we have to own further.’

We the people go through similar phases of realization and understanding that whatever the resources, riches, decisions that we own, the well being of a common ordinary citizen and economic benefits that our common people may deserve are confiscated, owned and utilized by ‘aliens’ depriving us to the very base of it. These aliens turn those luxurious of ours into their own lavish benefits and keep us deprived from the inherited lucrative our own natural resources and economic treasures yield for us.

The moment, when we as an unified nation, tend to realize and see the deep picture of this parasitical sinus, we belligerently start to argue and rise against this encroachment of power mongers.

The Passionate PTI Lovers
The Passionate SNP and Yes Lovers

On the way walking while writing for my blog, I’ve managed to gather a pool of precious friends around the world which paved the paths of mutual respect, understanding and learning from others perspective, knowledge, experiences. We the people must listen to each other’s views, issues and concerns and together we make this world a beautiful place to live in. I met so many people who are highly experienced and ready to share their part of views, ideas, opinions and try to figure out the common objectives in political, economical, geographical grounds.

When I started to communicate with my friends, I soon saw that almost every nation is going through similar paradoxical ways and intrigued mirage which hamper our freedom, liberty and utilization of our own resources. I soon found myself to be standing in the middle of equal loop, living in caged democracies viciously handicapped our people’s economical, physiological, political and inherited freedom. I knew about Scotland’s referendum and written a lot about it but then was running short of knowledge about the customary passion about the ‘freedom and independence movement of Scotland’ but then I significantly enhanced my knowledge horizon once I started to discuss and communicate with the friends of Scotland who were equally passionate the way, we the supporters of Imran Khan in Pakistan. I glimpsed the equal heights of passion, eagerness and motivation for the ‘Alex Salmond’ and ‘Free and Democratic Scotland, free from Westminster thugs’, the way we were for Imran Khan and ‘New Pakistan free from corruption, injustice and status quo politics’. We were chasing the same truth but in different geographical contours. We are the people of Scotland and Pakistan.

Like I mentioned that I’ve exchanged political views with my friends from Scotland and I’m including a wonderful discussion that took place between I and my friend Christina Fisher from Glasgow, Scotland. After we became Facebook friends, I eagerly sent my gratitude to her and I said ‘Hi Christina, thanks for accepting my friendship request. I’m an aspirant writer, lecturer, blogger and businessman along with political activist for Imran Khan party PTI.’

Christina politely replied ‘ Good to meet you. Your writing appears very human, kind and warm. Keep up the good work.’

Now, this cordial exchange of warmth greeting opened the gateway for our friendship and I took this opportunity to enhance my political knowledge about how people of Scotland experienced during their political movement.

Sajjad: Thank you Christina and yes, I am very peaceful, kind and human loving person. Christina replied ‘We need more of that in this world as so many fighting each other.’

Sajjad: Yes, this is the missing part in today’s world. We need more soft spoken, human loving people to make this world beautiful. A friend of mine from Scotland said to me ‘The world is beautiful because of you kind of people.’ I said ‘We all need to beautify this world together.’

Christina: I know but there are ugly forces at work just now which we need to address and turn around. We need ordinary people to find a bond to stop fighting each other and stop current wars. Luckily there is still goodness to be found in the everyday things.

Sajjad: Yes, goodness and good people are rare though but still they exist in this world which can work to bring harmony to the world. We have to put our souls together to help each other.

Christina: That’s a tall order but we can work on it.

Sajjad: When I was in school, I read a story on King Bruce who was very kind hearted king but always had been cheated, betrayed but he never lost his commitment and hopes. He galvanized unity among his people of Scotland and finally won the freedom for his people.

Christina: Something similar is going on just now but I am hoping it can be resolved without bloodshed or deceit.

Sajjad: Yes, we are also going through similar oppression and problems here in Pakistan and Imran Khan is the true, honest and dedicated leader who’s leading us.

Christina: I have read something of that it has been going on for years over there with some assassinations happening too. There have been some rumours of them having happened here too but there have been attempts to cover up this. Truth always comes out however uncomfortable it is for some to hear.

Sajjad: Yes, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated back in 2008. She was very also a great leader.

Christina: Keep the faith in a better tomorrow they can’t kill us all and when ordinary people triumph there should be a settled peace as I don’t know anybody as blood thirsty as those running the world at this time.

Sajjad: Yes, we the ordinary people have to assemble together in a harmonious and peaceful manner and win our freedom otherwise, these monsters will always eat us.

Christina: I agree we can’t become like them so will need to win through with peaceful means it is a more sustainable route.

Sajjad: You are also good writer and I think, we need to discuss several issues which we can turn into really beautiful writing pieces.

Christina: Thanks You are very informed about Scotland too and we can chat at other times too.

Sajjad: Yes, I’ve maintained really good friends network of Scotland and I often get myself updated besides, I love Scotland a lot. People are nice, polite, loving and caring. What do you do Christina?

Christina: There are a lot of Pakistani and Indian people here who wanted independence and many have become local councillors in our national party leading the cause for independence from westminster. The Scottish National party is not like other nationalistic parties and is not concerned with race which can confuse onlookers.

Sajjad: Christina, I want to write on ‘Independence Movement’ which are going around different parts of the world including Scotland, Pakistan, Catalonia, Kashmir etc.

Christina: That would be an interesting comparison on the independence movements in different countries, it may be relevant to look at other countries who have managed to achieve independence to see if they managed to prosper and to look at what model they are governed with for example are they liberal, socialist or a mixture of many different political philosophies. Whatever you choose to focus on there is so much information that you could have a valuable piece of research. So you are looking for an up to date approach to politics. What nearly won us our independence was the face to face campaign out in the streets and local halls. talking to people. The “grassroots” movement is still strong on social media and the campaign for our national party is still live as there is an election in. I meant to finish by saying there is a general election in May so we are campaigning for national party to have a larger number in the English parliament in next election. Our strength was modern media as I said but our weaknesses were we did not have  the attention of an older generation who were scared by stories of losing their pensions and of job losses and banks leaving Scotland. There were fears of terrible things happening if we became independent but the worst of it is that all the bad things are happening without us getting independence so that is proven to be untrue. Your party appears to have similar beliefs to SNP it may take several elections to get your goal and break the traditional parties strong hold.

Sajjad: We have run campaigns in the similar fashion, we visited people, door to door, arranged meetings, spread memberships, SMS, social media marketing, conducted rallies and Imran Khan was too busy traveling all around country. So many rich people supported us. They provided us transport even helicopters if we had to visit mountain areas etc. created and assigned teams of women and men, we have youth.

Me in D-Square, Islamabad.

Sajjad: That’s exactly what PTI is doing in Pakistan.

Christina: Well people power all the way to peace.

Sajjad: The best thing about PTI is that it has risen the women which were idle before. Our women played an active role in the promotion of our party PTI. They represent 40% of our membership in federal as well provincial assemblies. Imran Khan’s dynamic personality dragged the women out of their houses and participated actively in politics while before, they lived in dark ages.

Rally of Lahore, 28th September, 2014.

Christina: I showed my mother the videos of your parties campaign. She remembers the name Imran Khan from our media when he played cricket. She was happy to see women involved in your campaign. It appears up beat and positive.

Sajjad: SNP and PTI are exactly the mirrored pictures but in different locations. PTI has changed the traditional politics in our country. It has freed and empowered people.


Christina: That sounds like a good way to run a campaign it is also worth thinking about intimidation by opposition parties as there were some uncomfortable moments here when some racist fascists came up from England and backed up their counterparts here and burnt our flag and bullied our campaign members they were also giving nazi salutes and singing “rule Britannia”  There were also anecdotal stories that they were preying on frail vulnerable voters going into polling stations. so voter intimidation is sadly a factor that will need to be addressed. I will sign off for now as on babysitting duties at a neighbours  soon.

Sajjad: These are intimidating tactics to discourage people from casting their votes. Pakistan is among those countries where such intimidating tactics are massively applied. I remember in my union council, these rich people who were opposition parties sent their women in women’s polling stations and they tried to intimidate our supporters but we’re accustomed to such tactics and our women slucked their hairs and thew them away.

I am including STV Polls on the recent developments of Scotland people’s political trends.

STV Polls
STV Polls

The full breakdown of STV’s Ipsos Mori poll is SNP 52%, Scottish Labour 24%, Scottish Conservative 12%, Liberal Democrats 4%, Scottish Green Party 4%, Ukip 1% and 2% for others.

SNP depute leader Stewart Hosie MP said: “This is another very encouraging poll – with a 28-point SNP lead for May’s Westminster election, this shows remarkable levels of support for the only party that will always put the interests of the people of Scotland front and centre.

It’s clear that there is widespread support for the greatest possible devolution of powers to Holyrood. But the Westminster Government simply isn’t willing to give Scotland the powers we need to build a more equal society and more competitive economy – and that is why we need a strong team of SNP MPs elected next May to hold them to account, and ensure that they finally deliver on their vow to Scotland.

Wise heads in both parties will know that a lot can change in politics and quickly. When a general election is called there is a sense in which the Scottish dimension in politics tends to get lost by the focus on who will govern the UK as a whole.

This was a wonderful, thought-provoking discussion and what clear evidence we can draw is that people of Scotland and Pakistan are going through a parallel transformation and recognition process of getting rid of oppression, corruption and status quo politics and actively marching towards the ownership of their own resources in their own hands. This momentum needs to go on and move forward till we finally reach to our goals. Imran Khan and Alex Salmond are the mirrored pictures with dynamic and charismatic personality attributes who changed the ‘courses of traditional politics’ in their respective countries. Together, they have woken up the nations. They’re in fact, the true leaders of modern times.

Thoughts of readers:

Ronald Chamberlain, Aberdeen, Scotland.

“Every country & nation has the right to independence & self determination, it is something that is built into the soul of a people & lasts for eternity, it cannot be eradicated by border politics &  thepolitical empires, or the renaming of a country.”

Joanna Starosta, Glasgow, Scotland.

“It was hard for me to find in Poland after we became an independent country. I just moved out from Poland and was incredible lucky to find a job in Scotland. I thought I came to Great Britain and it took some time to understand the difference between Scotland and UK’s countries. After I understood for what this nation is fighting and realized what kind of country it can become, I just felt in love with the idea.

I got job, which is permanent, roof over head, can stay together with my family, because I don’t have to buy a home to make it happen and I got friends here. My mother, who is disabled person is included to this society in spite she is almost unable to communicate with English. My son is expected to become undergraduate for Quantum Physics this year and the fee tuition for all years was fully funded by the Scottish Government. I don’t have to buy  a wheeelchair and other aids are needed for my mum as it is given to anyone in needs. My mother has also access to free fares everywhere in Scotland as everyone after their 60’s and me too as her carer. She can also stay relaxed as her prescriptions are fully funded. She and whole family have free access to the NHS. SCOTLAND DON’T WANT PARTICIPATE IN ANY WARS AND CONFLICTS OVER THE WORLD AND BUILDS PEACEFUL REALATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER countries.”

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