The Change is Inevitable, Need of Time:

By Sajjad Amin Bangash:

A country 63 years old with highly talented, skillful and hard-working human force, enriched in heap of untapped natural resources, the entire world is eying on. Pakistan is what we name it.

Starting from the glaciers to the very north of it, stretched further down to the beautiful landscapes of northern part, makes it the “Paradise on earth” each year million of foreign tourist converge to have a very glance of it, very blessed with natural resources, minerals of precious importance.
During summer, as the snow melts down over the mountains, the water floods downward to the whole part of Pakistan, getting through the Indus River, becomes the powerful source of energy and agricultural production and multiple purpose, benefits from.

Agriculture the very heart of it,making Pakistan the self-sustained agrarian economy, few nations could have such bountiful agricultural surplus that we have. Our agricultural products are among the world most demanded consumable items. our canal system, is one of the most effective system of the world.

The Industrial Hubs, i.e, Karachi, Faisalabad, Lahore, Sialkot etc. even of more importance, are the human capital, the people of Pakistan are hardworking, diligent, the effective human resource for the entire world economy.

Going along the Afghanistan border to the west, the province of Baluchistan is well known for its well-riced natural resource place, in the forms of natural gases, petroleum, coal, minerals , Gold etc. are buried in this province. Rekodek is the lively example of “Gold Resources‘ to name a few.
Four seasons of Pakistan, makes it another attractive place for productive and lucrative investment to the world, generating an excellent foreign reserves to Pakistan.

The weather conditions, makes Pakistan a translucent place for every type of Industry and highly lucrative for several enterprises and plants, the whole world is prospecting for. The coasts, that we have to very southern edge of the country, the hot water, the trading linking hub to international trade, very few countries of the world are blessed with. The people of Pakistan are very social, hospitable, caring, helping and culturally diverse making Pakistan to be multicultural society with blends of ethnicity, culture, linguistics and traditions.

Now, the question is, why Pakistan is still lagging far behind the developed nations of the world. If we are blessed with such an outstanding natural gift full of every ornaments, Allah has bestowed upon us. The very simple answer to this, is the lack of sound leadership this country has always lacked in numbers.

The important part of the majority of our history, reveals that Pakistan was ruled and administered by the most ineffective, ineligible, uneducated and most importantly the corrupt leaders in the course of time. Their prime hidden intentions were to loot, plunder and run away, bad intentions carried along either by implementing the dictation from outside enemies of Pakistan. If I have a paper and pen and something to write on, why not I would dictate my own words in the principles of my own premises.

In my article, “Pakistan Politics is the Game of throne, ” I have fairly justified the reasons and given a pictorial overview of the Political leadership of my country, and how brutally raped by these corrupt, un-educated, fake degree holders politicians of our history. How the political symposium consist of what type of politicians and what outlook they give, how keenly they  freaky mind games they played with the people of Pakistan.

The soaring inflation, lawlessness, target killing, drone attacks, suicide attacks inside country, gives us the sense of insecurity not only to our lives but also  our financial resources, thus making us even bitter scared as we would always try not to avoid any opportunity to runaway of this country as quickest as possible. Corruption gives birth to all these ills.

The overall big disparity of Income level between the rich and poor is so wide, beyond imagination and stretched further just in few decades times passed by. The Range Rovers, Land Cruisers, 4 Wheelers etc. is the status symbol of these power politicians, wearing local shalwar qameez try to give the notion of being indigenous. While the average Pakistan still can’t afford the fair charges of a Rickshaw, they are now more ready to beat the drivers if they raise a fair of just Rs. 5.

The normal people will stand and queue up in lines for many hours, for a small piece of work in any govt. or semi- govt department, while the rich will be welcomed with bouquets of flowers! with a smile on the recipient’s faces with thanking note!”Thank You Sir! It was pleasure to have company, it was really honor to have you.” Now, if the diplomats, dignitaries, have ever to travel from Airport to Parliament Lodges, the Road from Rawat to Faisal Mosque, will be blocked causing a huge array of vehicles stacked, you can’t count. The passer-byres would be stranded in line on either sides of the roads by the patrolling police without knowing the series emergencies can cause deaths in stranded ambulances, while disturbing the whole time table of the schools, offices all the way along.

From the history pages, it is practically revealed that the British came to Indian with a hidden intentions to conquer it, as it was at the heart of their overseas expansions  colonization terming India as the “Jewel of the world or Bread Basket” of that time. Slowly and steady wins the race, they started establishing small trading colonies of East India Company on the eastern coastal areas of India but with a hidden intentions to hold the control over entire Indian Subcontinent. It is clear evidence that how cleverly they expanded their colonization phases and eventually created the British Raj over India, tactfully administered and ruled the entire continent on their belts, how they abandoned and stopped the local Indian businessmen to establish their own businesses in their own very mother land.

How they administered the taxation system over India strengthen the British economy by exporting the raw material from India, processed, produced in UK and sold it back on higher prices to the Indian population and to the entire world, hence enjoyed the very delicious profit of it.
A clear logical reason behind their intentions was to deprive the local from their own native rights, implemented the “Divide and Rule” over Indian population was at their heart of manifesto and that’s what the history books tells about.

Now, what they left behind as a legacy for the power rulers of the countries of South Asia, is legacy of “Divide and Rule” over your masses. After the partition of Pakistan in 1947, the country struggled hard to appear as developed nation on the map of the world! but failed bitterly to spearhead its path to the development process ahead due to ineffective, ineligible, uneducated or fake degree holders elite class of the society. Over the years, we had struggled hard to harmonize our own internal differences deep rooted within the country largely in various parts of the provinces. This has largely helped those rulers to linger on and swiftly adopted and trumpeted as their political slogans to passively rule over the masses eventually to play with minds  of the people.

Now, what we would do with the atomic facilities if the economic indicators turning the compass to a shallow drench of what we call it “Poverty or Third world country largely dependent on foreign aids, knelt down to their dictation and to bow down to their sayings. What we would do to the agricultural lands, if we cannot grow the fertility out of it, cannot keep it busy for the whole year long for the surplus agricultural productions. What we would do to flashy schools and universities if we are unable to pace up with the soaring unemployment rate and not letting the graduates to equally participate in the development of the country.

What we would do to the Parliament House, where the cotton-tailored suited politicians do not waste any opportunities to throw stones at each other and walk-out for nothing and giving the picture of the whole house as the orchestra of music or theater lookalike?

The other unfortunate part of the last decade, is the dictatorship tenure derailed the country into a stream of disrespecting the Supreme Court thus passing the tradition to the politicians not to obey it’s integrity and disobeying it completely.

When I walk down the streets, talking to almost every section of society, from Confectioner to Lawyer, from Taxi drivers to Managers, Doctors, Engineers, Accountant  from Industrialist to local Agriculturalist, in short every person who compose the society. The only few words the ears will hear, is “What would the future of Pakistan in next couple of years or Is this Islamic country created on the name of Allah.”

Life is so miserable that we are unable to freely breath but suffocation everywhere. These are the common phrases you may hear from ground realities the people do speak all day long.

The sons and daughters of rich do enjoy every luxury of life, living in fully air-conditioned spacious rooms, they drive most expensive cars wearing Levis Strauss, Nike, Gucci, Sears, Reebok, Adidas, Titans, Rado, Apple iphones, Tablets etc. while the children of poor just can’t afford the very odd talk of these brands altogether. The rich will turn their children to Europe, North America or Australia for higher educations, while the poor can’t even afford the meager fee of Govt. schools or colleges as in most cases most of the parents will simply drop out their children from their education simply on the premise of cannot afford it and win the bread for the family. The rich children will speak English as a ‘Status Symbol’ while the poor won’t be able to speak Urdu that grammatically correct merely rely on their mother tongues.

The rich will be proud, confident, pompous while the poor would be stranded, confused, desperate, tired shy and feel hesitant even to talk freely among their general public discussions. The rich will have the textbooks imported from Oxford or American boards while the poor will have the local textbooks or sometimes outdated re-printed versions.
My mind stops me to answer me first as “Why is it so. Why there is a massive disparity in the system, Why the concentration of wealth will always remained in the hands of few?”

I am not against the business to flourish, gathering of wealth and it’s entertainment spend on life, but the wealth has to be hard earned must be Halal while the careful spend of this wealth on the the poor and for the betterment of society in general, as well, but my Islam will entirely prohibit the complete destruction of  public money and very use of it in few hands for their own purposes and stockpiling of their deposits in foreign banks. This money totally belongs to the country and it’s population and no one has the ultimate right to use a single penny of it for their own vested interests. As I do conflict my mind with the reasons the economical structure of the country should be fair and equal that everyone has to avail what he deserves of it and it should be purely spend on the betterment of general public. It should be based on disparity on the principle of “Equal Justice to the Rich and Poor.”

The concentration of wealth should not only be limited to only few hands, the tax system be so robust be based on the capacity of the income level, and every citizen should be levied the tax according to the paying level. The unfortunate tax system of Pakistan is, where the rich are taxed lower or don’t pay taxes while the whole burden is shifted to the salaried and poor masses of the country, they have to taxed by hook or by crook either in the form of Direct or Indirect taxes, Utility bills, electricity bills etc. Islam has the clear definition of the tax system in no comparison the entire world has such system intake.

Similarly, the education system of Pakistan also requires complete resurrection or clever correction on it, it should be again equal in all respect, no matter what the medium of instruction or what syllabus is imparted.

Looking at the nations of parallel similarities to Pakistan, Malaysia! is a country which economy was totally dependent on Palm tree as a foreign reserves, when Dr. Muhammad Mahatir, took over the charge of administration and when he left his office as a prime minister after more than 2 decades, one can see the beautiful picture of Malaysian economy and it’s financial standing not only in Asia but also the rest of the world as a developed nation. His cabinet consisted of very educated, experienced, honest and patriot politicians of the country, with a clear vision, dedication and determination to spearhead the country’s development and progress, similar is the case with Turkey, they are in fact in a perfect position to become the full member of European Union.

Now, talking about Pakistan, I must confess that if they are human similar to us in physical and biological features, if they can put their country into a way of development and progress, then why not the people of Pakistan can carry the boat to the way of development .The time demands, that we must do justice to ourselves, to the future of Pakistan, unit we are no matter what color, race, cast, religion, sect we may belong to, Unit we are under one umbrella and off course self-sustained nation wholly dependent on our own. We can render our part of contribution into the development of a country, forgetting all odd differences that hinder us from getting along the way of development and as a Nation itself.

What induced and forced me to write for purpose, I have this very ability of pen and excellent way of communication, in fact my mind was always insulting me to contribute in the part of change of Pakistan and try to put the message forward to the ordinary people of the country. Our holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Said “Sharing knowledge is something giving a light in the dark which sparks the light all around.”

When there is such a huge disparity of wealth, justice, power and attitude in a society, ultimate general effect is very disastrous, can cause havoc on the contour of the country. At one hand, the Politicians of Pakistan, do enjoy every luxury of lifestyles far better than upper elite class of Europe and America, traveling in helicopters, chartered planes, dine out in one of the most expensive hotels of the world, their children study in Harvard, Oxford and elite universities of the world, would wear the brands tailored by the world expensive fashion designers etc. while on the other hand, the ordinary people live in one room flocked 10 family members without any electricity, dangerous food to eat, contaminated water to drink, bare footed, shaggy clothes, etc. even worse, is the killing of those innocent people of a country by the hands of terrorists, target killers, drone attackers, then obviously without any doubt, the setup of a country ruins and the destruction is the ultimate outcome the world has many tales to tell.

The day we realize the very importance, the true identification our of vote, that day will be freedom of our country, the rule of law, justice and the land will be ownership of poor, because with the power of that vote, we decide the future fate, the formation of parliament and future decisions of the country by the very hands of those elected representatives of the whole nation. That day will be the doomsday for these odd traditional inherited politics of Pakistan, that day will be the win of a real democracy in Pakistan. Electing honest, educated and patriot Pakistani politicians are the utmost need of time, the clever, aroused politicians who made Japan as an Asian Tiger as a direct result of Meiji Restoration a century ago.

Our political system needs a complete restructuring and overhauling to it’s very engine base! Young, educated, hardworking and patriot politicians are the ultimate solutions to the very human resource department of our country. Unlike, these inherited politics.

Looking at the Industrial setups of the country, they are also handicapped by this very bad economical policies of the current government, continuous and unscheduled power outages, gas, petrol etc. unfair and soaring taxation, tariffs, duties made the industrial sector to lower productions and as of instances, most of the Industry are forced to shut down their operations and leave to Bangladesh or other part of the globes. In returns this badly effected not only the economy at a macro level but also at micro level, shutting a plant, leaves many associated people to it, jobless, or their business are effected either directly or indirectly.

Role of Media:

The role of Media can never be ignored in all walks of life, from economical, social, political, judicial, educational, health and industrial development of any nation. When, I watch the T.V channels or any international print media, I go admiring their effective role in promoting their educational, social, political, health and business spheres of the countries. Generally, the inhabitant of a particular village, town or city are well informed  of happenings in their respective areas of residence, while at high level, they will always be ready to talk about their country’s Geo-political, socioeconomic, educational, health, sports etc. as maximum as they can. You ask them, they will answer it.

Unfortunately, the role of media in Pakistan is not that effective as it needs to play. Media plays a vital role in social, political, economical, religious, health, educational upgradation of the country to a greater extend. Now, we will be bundled with the information or events taking place in Europe, America or any part of the world, while won’t be able to know about the events in their own town, city or surroundings.

While, watching Pakistani T.V. Channels, one will be surprised to see that most of the T.V. channels will be hosting programs which are somewhat irrelevant in importance to general society, programs would mainly comprise of talk shows of fighting politicians, films, dramas, fashion shows, which however carry least importance in the lives of ordinary people or these don’t have any effect on the society as a whole. But hardly a  single program could be seen on education, health, socioeconomic development, sports, children educational programs, programs of such nature do carry utmost of importance to the general public. Most of Pakistanis don’t read the newspapers to the whole of it’s annexed pages, rather they will be concerned with headings and then that’s it the newspapers is the host of dust bin.

Our country is a natural gift full of treasures but need sound leadership who can steer our country in a way of progress and development, democratically practical where all sections of society should be treated fair and equal to all.
It is the prime responsibility of every politicians and politically elected government to bring peace, justice, harmony, economical and social stability to the country but what appears to the whole nation over the course of 6 decades, that no political parties including the dictators are unable to steer the country into a way of harmonizing, unity and brought reforms of good statistics of economic prosperity, interdependence, social justice to the country and welfare of ordinary citizens.

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