Whispers in Silence:

The Intuition: Blog by Sajjad Khan


Concepted and Written by Sajjad Amin Bangash.

Narrated by Anne Evans
(Based on the real life of Anne Evans, Kirkcaldy, Scotland).


As the sun rays pierce the curtains of dark with a forceful intention to illuminate the sky and with purposeful lights thus the dawn is formally declared thereby.  The sun is the decider of the time as it ferociously kills the dark and gives birth to life. The world that we live in is a ‘cottage’ in which the dwellers from humans to swirling and swaying trees, the mountains covered with white and green curtains, meadows with green carpets laid over, water streams, the chirping birds, colorful animals are all accustomed to a coordinated system with guided instructions by God thus the life goes on.

The human on the other hand, proclaims to have the supremacy over  this large circle and commands its functions. God has created…

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