Whispers in Silence (Chapter 03)


The Childhood Memories in Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland.  (In continuation of ‘Whispers in Silence). 

Early life in Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland.

Childhood is the most beautiful time of our lives and this is the time, when a child is highly excited about the happiness, joy, learning new things, language, people, their behaviors and the surroundings.
Together all these aspects of life, impact the child’s early life, his/her attitude, learning abilities and behaviors are formerly shaped based on which a child imprints on his personal modifications and walks in his/her entire life.

When I asked Anne about her birth place and more about the area where she was brought up, she replied. “I grew up in Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland. It is a a busiest, cosmopolitan city, very dark and cold, always raining, very old town that used to be a centre of much commerce and shopping etc. but when I grew up there it was old buildings and paint damage on everything. Mostly we lived there due to family living there. Very high amount of violence and too many bars and clubs, always fights outside. So many people were killed there with baseball bats and knife crime.”

I instantiated my earnest love for Scotland and said ” I’ve just seen so many pictures of your city and these traditional places really amaze me. I love Scotland. The surprising fact that I just came to know that Adam Smith the famous Economist is also from Kirkcaldy. That’s amazing. “

Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland
Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland


Anne further narrated the picture of the area where she lived in Cowdenbeath as ” well smaller part, called Dysart. Its really not all bad but most parts are horrible, reminds me of Sarajevo, Bosnia, very very violent and many of my friends have been murdered.”

Now, this really shocked me to hear that as we the humans violate the peace of our earth by our own hands and then this world becomes an ugly place to live in. It equally reminded me the violent picture of Mumbai (India) and Karachi (Pakistan), the densely populated cities of the world having high crime rates.

I asked Anne “Is this busy city?”
She replied ” its a town and no but the people live there look very sick mostly. Its right next to a chemical plant called Mossmorran. Its been accused of giving many people cancer and psychological problems.”


Luckily, Islamabad is very opposite to that and I explained about my city as “Yeah that happens usually in industrial cities. Islamabad is green, well planned, very peaceful and developed city free from pollution. The 14th beautiful city of the Asia. “

There Anne exposed her preferred place to live in as “I prefer country living, I like animals and fresh air.” We kept moving along the ferry of our conversation and my excitement to know more of her childhood’s experiences grew more and I kept asking her to tell me the moments of her childhood.

“Anne, Let’s start from the chapters of your early childhood and you can describe about your friends, your favorite things you used to do, did you parents attended religious rituals, etc. “

It didn’t took her too long to go back in her past and bring back the memories of childhood time and explained

” I had a friend called Louise who was also abused a lot by her brother, she was a year younger than I, her brother always beaten her (he was 2 years younger than her). We were friends for many years when we were little and I tried to protect her from him since I was older,but her mother always took his side.

She called him the ‘man of the house’ after his father left so he did anything he wanted to anyone.

One time at my home, we were playing and he grabbed her foot and shoved it under a door and ripped the nails off after shutting the door backwards. I screamed to her mother about it, there was blood everywhere and she was terrified, her mother said I was a clipe (Scottish word for tattle-tale) and someone from the JWs had to carry her down the stairs. She was my mothers friend at the time as we got older we started visiting one of the elders homes with our parents for BBQs and he used to give us both alcohol and always waited till everyone went to sleep and asked us to take our tops off, Louise not as much but it happened to me a lot since I didn’t look Scottish.

When I was about 12 or 13, I started to get really depressed and cut all of my hair off so I would look a lot more ugly at school.

My mother always insisted on me going home for lunch even though it was a 20 minute walk and we only have an hour for lunch. She wanted me to only have one friend at a time.

When I was 11, my mother married my step father, who she is still married to.

Louise started to run away from home all the time and one day I said to her that I wanted to run away too and he grabbed me by the throat and tried to choke me. He threw me against a wall and squeezed my neck till I almost passed out.

Sharing her mother’s attitude after her second marriage, Anne narrates those sad moments in her words as “My mother never really spoke to me again after she married this man, before that we were friends, kind of, but once she found a man I was tossed aside like trash. If I wasn’t finished my dinner in 20 mins also I had to go sit outside with a timer till I was finished everything, even in winter time. Before my mother married my step father, she was always a drunk but she drank after I went to sleep, after she married they drank in front of me. After a while we all drank together since I could not sleep in that house very easily. My studies were always laughed at by him as I think he was jealous of me. He is not very smart and always told me “you’ll never amount to anything, you will always be nothing”

I tried to leave school at 16 but my English teacher saved me from his horrible comments, she asked me, almost begged me to stay till 18, I stayed there till I was almost 19 years old. I was the only person still at high school with my own house. I was also working and I adopted 3 cats too. They were all supposed to be female cats but it turned out one cat was a boy and I ended up with 11 cats. I also started taking drugs and smoking and drinking when i was 11.


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