Whispers in Silence : Chapter (01)


Concepted and Written by Sajjad Amin Bangash

(Based on the real life of Anne, Kirkcaldy, Scotland).

Chapter: 01

As the sun rays pierce the curtains of dark with a forceful intention to illuminate the sky and with purposeful lights thus the dawn is formally declared thereby. The sun is the decider of the time as it ferociously kills the dark and gives birth to life. The world that we live in is a ‘cottage’ in which the dwellers from humans to swirling and swaying trees, the mountains covered with white and green curtains, meadows with green carpets laid over, water streams, the chirping birds, colorful animals are all accustomed to a coordinated system with guided instructions by God thus the life goes on.

The human on the other hand, proclaims to have the supremacy over  this large circle and commands its functions. God has created the human with two distinctive dispositions i.e,

Man and woman who compose the architecture of life and surrender the will of life long happenings coming along the way. Although, they both are equal in physical as well biological dispositions but somehow, with a variant difference in their strength and possessions of power. So there is a pendulum which takes turns with a specified destination and variant frequencies. The humans are said to be passing under this pendulum in several sequences. Some of us easily get through the turns and they get used to be finding a soft passage through while others always get bashed with repeated beats of the pendulum strikes and they hunch back and forth. We never know how to get through uncertain passages of life as we don’t have a complete jurisdictions on the compass of life.

Women are part of the God’s creation with a twilight to her dispositions, abilities, physical and physiological strength and bounds of life she has but highly vulnerable to the ‘shattering traps and strikes’ often pulverizing her calmness and gentility.

Yes, this is the reality and its sequences are sporadic spelled over with different postures, we always readily ignore. Before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in Arab society, they used to ‘bury their daughters alive’ with a sheer claim and fear of humiliation the daughter brings along. But with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) revealed by Allah to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) the Arab society was enlightened with knowledge and they stopped this brutal ritual and embraced women as mothers, daughters, sisters and with the many relations she has. Islam gave extreme respect to the women. Islam protects women.

When we see in our societies that we encounter several stories with painful, extortion and horrified tragedies the women in different part of the world faces and challenged with. In a society like mine, Pakistan, India and whole of South Asia, these daughters of men are scorched in different tortures and magnitudes of human behavioral atrocities and vandalism.

I have heard several stories of women having acid thrown on their faces with a sheer definition that ‘she is beautiful thus ruined her natural beauty.’ They have been raped and ravaged. She has been omitted  from the blessings of education and beaten for unknown crimes. Well, these are the realities of the society that we live in here in east of the world but the atrocities that the women face in Western part of the world are similar in horrendous magnitude. We can’t deny that fact as well. Where the best part of Western society is that they have freedom and equality for all, somehow there are some prominent hindrances and miseries the women face even there. Human societies are filled with atrocities and traumatic experiences women suffer no matter which society they live in. Woman is always a prime victim of several atrocities committed by our societies.

The lifelong story of a woman that I am going to write about is among those unfortunate women whose life is eventful. A life full of trauma, abuse and then the aftermath. She’s among those girls who have desires, aspirations and dreams for success, happiness, romance and freedom in life but arguably unaware to the events the future will unfold. The trap that she will bitterly be locked in. Unknown to the bitterness of wounds her coming life will give. She is Anne from Kirkcaldy, Scotland.

Life is a beautiful treasure and everyone deserves the luxury it brings along. We travel in life in sequence of events which are beautiful and ugly at a parallel fashion. Some are luckiest to entertain themselves in the amenities of luxuries while remain stagnant in deep shackles of pain and sorrow and walk away from the world in a continuous wave of unresolved happenings they always aspire for.

When I started to write, I always carry one obvious purpose in my heart that I will serve humanity through my written words. On the way of writing my blog I met some really good friends who became the precious part of my companionship for whom I always ready to surrender my help.

Everyone has a lifeline in a sequence of events which encompass ways on which we walk in life. Someway or other, we are always keen to draw a line of events which we deem appropriate to carry forward our life. We think that whatever we think and do in life is always ‘right and correct’ regardless of the circumstances and the consequences.

When I interacted with Anne, she seemed very polite, matured and I realized that she has been through several ebbs and flow in life and that’s the beauty of life. Nobody is empty from events either happy or sad, bad or good. It’s almost the same with everyone but the dispositions, contours of these events are variable in a collective collage paradigm. She’s a woman who had dreams, aspirations and desiring attitude to life starting from the phase where a child starts to keenly look to the surroundings, places, people and their behaviors.

Her early years of life tell very obvious picture of a ‘caged bird that wistfully wishes to fly in the sky, inhale fresh air and sift through the wind with peers of fellow birds but forced to stay sublime with fastened wings. As I kept on reading more of her early life, I was drenched in murdered thoughts that a girl born in Western hemisphere with heaps of dreams, aspirations and desiring attitude towards life will ever see the painful events ahead of her which will drastically coarse her tender nature, sensitive temper and galore of beauty.

Anne who walked in her life through several zigzag straddles of which she says ” Oh, well at least my life has never been boring, but so far its been eventful.’ Indeed, her life had always been eventful from the early phases of life and she was a child who always had dreams, wishes, cravings for joy, freedom, happiness and friends life has to offer. By exploring  more of her biographical details of her early childhood, one can easily get a pictorial view that she was a child who had enjoyed every moment of childhood time with extreme passion for playing, flapping and entertaining her soul as every child does.



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