Special Children, Special Care

“Life is a trial room in which human’s physical and psychological abilities are tested.”


(By Sajjad Amin Bangash)

Any deficiency or inability in human’s body is from God. Special children are blessing by God. We have to give great and special care to this blessing.
When God puts some of us in different tests, he then blesses those special people some ‘distinctive and exceptional abilities’ which others lack. These special people with their God’s gifted abilities turn the impossible into possible. Whenever, there are special children in a house, especially the mother takes a lead in putting up extra hard work in the care and upbringing of these special children.

A special child with special care given by a mother when in return totally forgets about his ‘physical inability’ and starts living a normal life. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for a mother to immediately find out and assess the inbound natural talent and capabilities in her special child so that these hidden capabilities and talent can be effectively utilized in a productive and effective way so that the special child may be cared and propped up accordingly.

Special children can be classified as:
a) Blind
b) Deaf and mute
c) Physically impaired with hands or legs.

These special children are entitled of special care, love and affection both inside and outside their houses. These physical impairments must not be considered as ‘disabilities’ rather should be treated as normal. Therefore, these children must be given such training and upbringing in a way that these physical inabilities do not become any hindrance in their entire life cycle.

When we take a look at our surroundings in our society, we can find out that almost every one of us someway or others are carrying or effected with ‘inabilities’. It is a matter of great admiration that God has created the human as ‘free from such disabilities based on which the humans effectively utilize those abilities thus achieve a ‘distinctive role’ in a society.

Thomas Edison is one of those successful and great personalities in humans history who by their own ‘extra ordinary abilities’, achieved milestones. He is the inventor of more than 2500 inventions. He was deaf by one ear and his economic conditions were worse, he would grow vegetables at the backyard of his house and sell them off in the market. He would also sell Newspapers in train stations. He never considered his ‘physical inability’ and poorness as his weakness which could hamper his professional life and endeavors that he had pursued. His determined and committed characteristics gifted more than ‘2500’ inventions in which ‘electric bulb’ is among those inventions. His inventions have now become facilities to humanity.

In the words of Edison “Hard working is a great blessing based on which a human can meet the milestones in the world and can become a productive source for whole mankind.”

In 1826 in France, a physically challenged boy got admitted in a school with normal children. Though, he faced several challenges and difficulties in getting his education due to his physical inability but he kept on getting education. He came to realize that special children face several challenges during their academic life, and he devised a new system of ‘Embossed Words Concepts” by which new special children get education with ease.

Similarly, another great scientist “John Dalton’ was an English chemist, meteorologist and physicist. He was color blind. He is best known for his pioneering work in the development of modern atomic theory, and his research into color blindness.

If we ever look at our surroundings, then we may find that we can carry several weakness or inabilities which we can overcome with the help of hard work and strong will. Now, if we ever want to get rid of ‘disappointments’ from our lives, then we have to apply more realistic approach to life. We must get out of dream world and get into realistic and practical life. Those people who stay steadfast, committed and resilient during hardships, problems and miseries, the success always awaits them. All those people who surrender their will to defeat due to any weakness or inability, they always feel sorry in their entire life span.

Therefore, it becomes mandatory for the mothers that they should give great care in upbringing those special children so that they may become efficient and productive human beings in their later life and contribute equally in the development and progress of their respective societies. In today’s technology laden time, we need to adopt and train these special children with modern technologies and be able to face challenges thrown by ‘physical inabilities’ or modern technologies, they may become totally independent, adoptable to different circumstances in life thus become a source of guidance and role models for others.

Trust in God and believe in your abilities always yield productive outcomes. These special children possess exceptional intellectual, creative power and other natural abilities. If properly trained and educated, they bring marvelous results and achieve milestones the world would be proud of.

Like I said “”Life is a trial room in which human’s physical and psychological abilities and talents are tested.” This society, puts you in tough trials and hardships. Therefore, these special children need to be properly educated, up bring so that they walk freely and proudly in life without any dependencies and be able to face future challenges more positively and effectively thus become a productive human capitals. These special children are not entitled to ‘hatred or disgrace or ignorance’ but in fact, have to be equally treated and given equal opportunities to prosper in life. They need to be well educated in capacity building, character and personality development, ethics, honesty and social norms to live actively in today’s time. For this parents should take proper counseling as well.

I believe that, we all are entitled to be given freedom, fair and equal justice, education and love. Together, we can make this world even more beautiful and these special children beautify the world and part of our societies. Take care of them, they deserve even more.




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