The Independence and its luxuries

The Independence and its Luxuries

(By Sajjad Amin Bangash)

I was reading an article written by Gordon McIntyre-Kemp ‘Where does the Scotland’s wealth go(If it doesn’t stay here), in which Gordon has given a very clear picture of the Scotland’s tax paying ratios are much higher than the average tax payers in South part of UK. According to Gordon, the figures from the Data from the UK Government’s Office for National Statistics demonstrates that the London and South parts of UK are far better wealthier than that of northern parts of UK.

While, the wealth distribution in the northern part of UK is comparatively lower.

Gordon says that

‘The map of wealthy household distribution shows a clear north/south wealth divide within England itself, which many of us knew about, but many will be surprised at just how far south the divide sits.  Without over complicating the issue this data when taken with all other wealth and income statistics that look at wealth/income distribution within the UK confirms that wealth is centralised around London.  The more northern areas of the UK have suffered years of de-industrialisation, high unemployment and lower investment that followed the emergence of London-centric finance and service-led economic policy under consecutive Conservative and New Labour governments.’

When we think of ‘Independence’ or ‘a separate homeland’ for ourselves, we must have to be realistically broad minded and optimistic about the realization of resources and riches, our own land yields for us and off course, the ultimate beneficiaries in general. Any nation which is either intentionally or unintentionally unaware to the lucrative portion of their country’s natural resources and produce, they’re the most unfortunate people on earth. If we take a deeper look into the historical records of the world, perhaps some 100 to 200 years back, we will get into a bleary look of the world’s map, occupied and administered by either foreign invaders or power lured mindsets whose primary objective was ‘acquisition of wealth, a particular region yields’.  This history is very sad and unfortunate for all those whose ownership of their own lands were possessed by foreign occupation by either British, French, Arabs or some neighboring lords. Indian subcontinent is among those unfortunate regions of the world which are massively manipulated by the hands of foreigners or invaders from the neighboring expansionist e.g, Persians, Arabs, Mongols, Afghans, Europeans who deliberately changed the maps of this continent into sub-boundaries of unparalleled divisions and geographical contours thus creating a massive level of income disparity among people. They deliberately formulate several strategies to draw a line of income distribution under which the ordinary people have to pay more taxes and the burden automatically shifts on the poor people in such away that ordinary people get stuck in a shackle for their entire life cycle. That’s the case with Pakistani political set up where the elite class enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, create business empires not only within country but outside country and their system becomes so intricated that they lure every one from judiciary to establishment, from media to education and turn them to make decisions in their favor.

Generally, the politicians are among us but they come from elite section of our society which comprises of either industrialists background, monopolists, feudal lords, landlords, or business entrepreneurs who expand their business empires living in politics thus creating a system which can easily make such policies which enhance their business revenues and expand their business units while putting the heavy burden on poor masses to pay the taxes. They own the financial sectors, and all corporate sectors of an economy which are directly linked up with the economical decisions of a country thus maintaining a controlling hand over the economy of a country. Take for example, the employment sector. We generally know that the more any country receives foreign investment, the higher employment opportunities may be created but that’s true to ‘theory of economics’, but in reality, these power politicians intentionally control the supply and demand of employment level either to be lower or below level so as to maintain a balance of revenue generation and kick backs for their own business empires and they systematically control the price level in a country perpendicular to their cash flows enough lucrative for profit intakes. This is called ‘ artificial turmoil in price level’. Similarly, when it comes to the appreciation or depreciation of currency rates of a particular country, they do so deliberately appreciate or depreciate the currency value so as to maintain a healthy return of investment duly offered either by the exchange rate and the impact directly flows on the import and export turn around.

In Pakistan, for the last 40 years, the politics was the cup of tea of rich landlords, business entrepreneurs, industrialists, or high ups who by any means mandate it necessary to maintain their presence in politics since they’ve extreme interests and carrying business empires of their own thus shutting the doors for ordinary citizens of a country to have their role in political set up. They’ve caged democracy for their hidden vested interests and in order to stay in power, they put every effort to win the election, rigging is the easiest key to enter into government and later manipulate the country’s policies bent down for the running of industrial contours.

So basically, we are forced to believe that whatever these politicians say or devise policies for our country, are true and productive for the country and welfare of the people but that’s only a mirage or flip side of the coin. In reality, these power politicians devise and implement the strategies in such a way that we remain shackled in their intrigues and ready to pay higher taxes, bills and tariffs while the major shares directly fill in their pockets.

Over the past few decades, our economy is incessantly remained under inflation, soaring price hikes, and turbulent law and order situations. The education sector is the primary victim of such policies as few students now get the adequate education. The drop out ratio among primary school children is getting increased and hardly few students receive some college education. Moreover, health care facilities are very meagre and up til recently in Sindh province, over 300 infants died due to malnutrition. Every year, over 30,000 women die during childbirth process due to unavailability of adequate maternity facilities.

Unemployment among young people is at peak while a huge population moves away off Pakistan and start working in foreign countries. There are several miseries our country is juggling with but the blame automatically falls on the policy makers since their created policies directly impact the lives of ordinary citizens of our country.

Similar is happening with the people of Scotland as what I have observed and can interpret from Gordon’s article is that the people of Scotland live a lesser economical prosperous lifestyle as compared to that of England and Southern parts of UK. It’s a matter of extreme concern that the resources being owned by Scotland are viciously utilized by the high-ups in London. The Scottish people pay more taxes and even then their household incomes are still below the level of which they have to. It’s a coincidence to the situations parallel to Pakistani people that only a small fraction of society lives a luxurious lifestyle while ordinary citizens make it hard to meet their ends meet and hands to mouth.

Pakistan is a country blessed with heap of natural resources and treasures well decorated by Sun and 04 seasons which make this country ‘investment paradise’ but the unfortunate part is that the politicians are highly corrupt and materialistic for the realization of their motifs and expansion of their own business empires.

Now, with the emergence of Imran Khan as a true and honest leader who bases his politics on merit, honesty, equal empowerment of the women and justice for all, Pakistani nation has notified a change and hope to finally get rid of old traditional politics.

The conclusion of this article is that we the people must understand and realize that we have to get the possession of our own resources in our hands and drive forward the progress and development of our country in a better way. We have to be proactive to drive away these freakish politicians otherwise, the time is very near that we will be running short of oxygen for ourselves.



    1. That’s true and governments always find ways to remain in power. That’s why we are struggling against. These ‘status quo politicians’ never leave but we have almost got rid of them’. Secondly, people love Imran Khan and generously donating him. Just recently, he gave a call of donation to raise 01 billion for his cancer hospital, people donated over 1.3 billion in one day.


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