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Tips before affiliating with social media and online activities: Few very important points which can keep you safe and protected.

(By Sajjad Amin Bangash)

Nowadays, our lives are highly interlaced with internet as everything from social contacts, relationships to entertainment, and commercial or economic activities; our daily life is actively and practically associated with internet. However, there are several confidential matters and capitals are linked with internet which however, require some stern kind of security and protection. A minor carelessness and negligence which cause our private data vulnerable to be attacked thus giving us disastrous damage and loss to our private and precious data. unnamed (67) Therefore, a great care is needed to keep these private and precious matters safe and protected from any unknown online trespasser and robber termed as ‘hackers’. Today’s online world is highly vulnerable and at risk than ever before. Every known and then, we hear in the news is that some Gmail accounts have been hacked or some other services accounts have gone into the hands of online hackers, while on the other hand, we often come to know that people’s confidential matters are intentionally shared online and revealed thus ‘blackmailing’ the owners of these accounts for monetary or some other personal gains. Social media pillaging is at peak now. Therefore, it becomes highly important for anyone engaging into social media or online activities to be highly aware and alert of the pros and cons of internet or online activities well before so as to keep his/her private and confidential matters safe, protected and concealed. I have therefore, tried to suggest few necessary tips which will enhance the chances of maximizing the protection concerned to the security of your data.


password protection

The password or PIN code created on our computer, cell phone or social media accounts is the first and foremost fortress of the defense against ‘online hackers’ who try to intrude into your private data. The password requires some serious custodial efforts for its protection i.e, password must be maintained differently for several accounts which means that do not keep the similar but a  unique password must be kept for each and every of your account so that others may not be able to easily guess or predict it.  Now, in order to do this-try not to include your birthday dates, cities names, family members names, favorite hobbies, sports etc. and do not share your password with anyone unless otherwise- if needed to share it to someone for immediate or urgent purposes, then immediately change the password once done. Similarly, try to create a strong number i.e, initial letters with alphabets, the middle letters with numbers and the last letters with alphabets or combination of both and keep varying the sequence. This will become extremely difficult for someone to guess or predict your login mathematics.



Usually, anything we use, we need to have little information about its mechanics. For example, we must know little bit about the ABC of car’s functions so that we can repair some basic or minor faults by ourselves while the operational matters related to online activities carry a volatile sensitivity. Therefore, it becomes very important to have some basic know how about the software functional usage and settings. Obtain all the essential information about all the devices and keep them protected with anti-virus softwares and keep them improved with latest available updates.



For the online data protection, it becomes very important to have a great knowledge or be familiar with your privacy settings on your social media accounts and check them regularly so that you give an authorized access to only those people who are either your family members, close friends, colleagues or trusted people or those you know them in person.


LOCK Many of us make online shopping or online banking transaction, and whenever we do this, make sure that after completing this activity, check to see whether a ‘lock’ sign appears on your browser or not. Also bear in mind that the web address in use must begin with https://. In this address‘s’ means protection.


feature-wifi._V389686353_ Pay special attention to the privacy of WiFi being used in your home or office setting with a strong password. Make sure this password is only known to your family members or some authorized personnel in office should have access to WiFi password. Similarly, while going out for shopping, outing or any other purpose, never leave the ‘HotSpot’ turned on and make sure it has been turned off. Hot Spot is highly vulnerable to invaders access.


online transaction Some of us get engaged in online auction buying and selling so whenever visiting any ‘auction website’ to make purchase or sale through that website, make sure that you do not transfer the funds directly into the bank account of the particular vendor instead use your credit card or pay pal or other secured payment service. Never ever give password or PIN details to anyone. By doing this, you are at high risk of financial loss.


business-letters-300x216 We now totally depend on internet for sending messages to our loved ones, friends, office colleagues etc via electronic email. But, we need to be extra cautious in getting engaged in responding to emails coming from unknown person or identity. Never open a doubtful email or forward it to someone else. Similarly, never reply to some unknown person’s messages or comments on social media as well.


unnamed (2)

We sometimes forget to get log out from email or social media account in a hurry or something urgent. Therefore, try to make sure that always get log out from email or social media account and try to clean the history or cache of your browser from time to time so that any person may not be able to restore the history of your logging history which sometimes can be used to retrieve your password information.


online-rela The primary purpose of social media was to get interacted with your friends, loved ones, colleagues or people you know or have common beliefs, concepts or ideologies but with the passage of time, the sphere of social media got expanded and now, social media has become the source of building friendship all over the world which has opened the doors for those people who play with our feelings and emotions for their own malicious, material purposes. Therefore, we need to be extra cautious before getting into interaction with someone we have not met before in real life or building relationship as often term as ‘online dating’ or ‘ relationship’. Make sure that the person you are interacting to, is not coming from a fake ID or if not then getting to know the person’s personal background, beliefs or likes or dislikes, carries a great importance in online relationship.


Woman with boxing gloves attacking colleague On social media, we often make comments at our friend’s posts. Most often, the posts or comments given or unsolicited contents which could create violation posted by someone may hurt someone’s feelings or beliefs thus converting it to be an enmity among people. Later, you can be become victim of any individual or group living in your society or can pose a serious threat to your life.


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