The Rewards in Teaching English as a Second Language

An Unimaginable Success In ESL Teaching:

(By Sajjad Amin Bangash)

Life is always unpredictable but rewarding if you prove your worth to life the way life expects from you. Indeed, I am a victim of such ‘surprising gifts’ of life long opportunities falling in my ways but relentlessly unaware of them.

Since childhood, I am blessed with talent by God and throughout my academic career, I had always enjoyed the luxury of my geniuses and intelligence but partially ignorant to the realization of it someway or others. During my school days, I was not only liked by my teachers, class mates but the people living around who had some portions of indirect influence on my personal grooming and mental upgrading.

But despite of knowing the very lustrous truth that I carry exponential potential, I couldn’t really materialised my own instinct to steer the productive path of success laid out ahead in my ways instead I tempted to rely on luck as being the divine force of occupying the place in the list of ‘known personalities with reverence and esteemed achievers’, even though I could always win my chances of a Crown. I couldn’t work hard on it, had I ever aspire something special for myself.

Time took me a long and things sooner started to unfold its reality on me as my self perceptions and logics were short fall of true assumptions. After 2001, when I concluded my graduation, I walked into practical life, sooner I saw miracles coming along but every known and then, as a habitual intellectual of novice character, I again couldn’t utilized those offerings.

My friends and well wishers would always scold me for I couldn’t drive my sense in a corrected manner and establish myself in a way I needed to. One after another, opportunities came along and I had partially entertained my ego of self esteem and career growth in the umbrellas of those bonuses, would fell apart to some extent. However, I had always carried and assembled great honor of hard working, lust for continuous improvements and zeal for knowledge as I never disgraced this noble asset. Indeed, knowledge is a priceless treasure.

My father always wanted me to be a Banker as he himself worked as a professional banker but in true sense, I never shown any temptation or lure to banking profession. To me, they’re nice people but nobody with no social life. My highest priority and interest since my childhood was learning, leading, educating others and aligning people’s flaws in their ways of success. Well! Here, I am not claiming myself to be either Einstein or someone like Ala Din who carries lamp to enlighten others but off course, I could do with the meagre knowledge I had have is of great strength and strong command over English language especially in the perspective of Pakistan’s educational environments where English exists at every corner or billboard but in real, hardly few can assimilate and correct their career betterment in which English is of paramount importance. Fortunately, I had the luxury of strong command over English language especially spoken and writing competencies. I had always remained a smart boy in my academic career who speak and write well especially in English and thus kept enjoying the incandescent profile in it.

esl games for adults 4.jpg

Now, carrying this atmospheric phenomenon in my personality, I rendered myself into the line of what we call it ‘trainer in English’, and in the way ahead, I focused a lot on learning the art and skills needed to acquire thus be able to properly synchronise and train people effectively with a distinction to yield prosperous outcomes. I always undertaken immense research on teaching methodologies, pedagogy, language acquisition and retention with accumulation of well thought out strategies of teaching in variant environments and situations so as to maintain a high profile of distinction between average and good and in the end, spread knowledge.

Pakistan is a country where English language is recognised as official language and now, the education system and medium of instruction is turned into English. There exists a two way model system of education as English which comprises of Cambridge Syllabus while the second one is local board based. But the pathetic reality of Pakistan’s education system is that due to lack of modern research, this system cannot yield prosperous outcomes in capacity building of students thus leaving a big space of half learned production of graduates who later feel and necessitates the upgrading the language proficiency in English which restrains and restricts their career growth in the professional life in the longer run. So possessing a strong command over English becomes an ultimate source of being successful not only in professional but also in social life as well.

I started my ESL career in the year 2011, when I sensed the realization of productive and lucrative career growth in this profession knowing the obvious advantage of sound knowledge and adequate exposure of English.

On the way down, I started to train people and soon started to see dramatic returns of my hard work in the shape of great writers and speakers along with students who passed out their final exams either in their course studies or language competency tests. Gradually, I kept moving up the ladder as I tended to gain more and more experience which systematically enhanced my professional exposures and self esteem, I comparatively found myself to be a source of quality producer of knowledge with a leading edge over contemporary conventional Pakistani trainers.

I believe that knowledge has no definite border and one has to sink in the ocean of knowledge in seek of endless treasures. We must always keep the tendency of high level of honesty, dedication and commitment with knowledge and spread of education since, it’s a treasure priceless and based on which the mystery of human development, emancipation and enlightenment is sealed. I am still on it and so far, gained a substantial amount of knowledge, economic benefits, growth and social contacts while enjoying high status of self esteem and peace by heart.  Over the past few years, I hadn’t seen such a blessed life in my entire life span and will continue to do so. I never imagined that I will be so successful and productive for the future generations.

Now, I train people in Spoken English, Creative Writing, English Language Competency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL while my students bring great results as one of my students earned ‘Award of Excellence in Creative Writing’, while before he couldn’t express himself in writing. I believe that had I got into ESL Teaching long before say 10 years back, I would have achieved more success but they say, it’s no too late and everything happens for reasons and perhaps, that would be the hidden reason that I had to switch myself into this profession some years before for which I was destined for.



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