Little Pluto: The Unfriendly Dog


(By Sajjad Amin Bangash)

“Hush” Go back to your house” the mother of the family turns away little, quick creeper dog. “Sir, Please you can come inside, he has gone to his room.” The mother of the house, allows the teacher of her daughter to get in.

“You must have brought it somewhere from America” Mr. Sajjad enquired the mother about the dog origination.

“No Sir, he is a local breed, in fact we have brought it from Karachi.” Mother replied.

“Such a beautiful dog, isn’t it?” Sir, Sajjad admired the beauty of the dog while boldly pressed and wet his lips, walked ahead to the drawing room.

It was a dog of milky white color, four  spiky teeth sparking up and down in his mouth, tousled hair ruffled all across his little athletic body till his ankles, gives pretty scary look wherever he turns his head to the either side, while he growls, too short of about few inches unlike normal dog breeds.

When I first encountered him, knowing that his teeth are free from any infection as the family has already injected him, as often they do after a lapse of 3 months, I would simply hesitate not to walk in the middle of the lawn that freely, while keeping my feet on grounds so quietly not to let Pluto know and couldn’t listen any whispering movement of any living things moving. Days counted by, Mr. Sajjad would ring the bell of the house, while holding the edges of the gate too firmly, as most of the time “Pluto” would sleep set free anywhere under the car in the porch of the house.

As the Pluto would listen the sound of the bell rings, he would rapidly take a speedy jerk full of grisly growls every time, as he approached towards the gate, twist his little nails drudged on ground , scuttling while I would hold the edge of the gate too tight, I would remain silent, nothing to say a single word even a single “Hush” on him. At the same time any member of the family or maid would come out and rush him away to his small room full of luxuries inside. I would secretly march towards the veranda, deeply moored into the feelings that Pluto doesn’t listen any foot movement, I would hurriedly but quietly take a walk down the lawn.

Time and again, my love, affection for Pluto’s cutiest look would rise to escalate a level that soon I decided to have him round and pamper him away for few moments one day, the excitement deep inside my heart will never leave me away with while I watch him sit in his little house. Animal, he was after, what we can do is to win their trust, we the human cannot translate any word to drive their affection towards us rather our affection, and greed of some food, makes them feel comfortable and gradually compel them to be the friends of us no matter how fierce their wraths are for us.

Now having drenched with such feelings, I would assimilate myself with such efforts, but everyday, my efforts would turn into waste, as I would try to show little closure gestures to Pluto, while he spatially turn me away with a jerking growl. That would turn me back while I would often rephrase “He doesn’t have attitude at all.” Would pacify my love for him. But firm, optimistic resolute eventually wins over. Affection is always a good pretend to win the hearts over, once the “Baba” the maid of the house narrated the whole plot of pretence of love to Pluto.” Let me tell you the ways, how to get him round Sir,” he given few pieces of advices.

He handed over a piece of meat and contently jerked me to take a little walk towards Pluto, while he would stood hide behind somewhere the cars, while “Pluto” was in his house ready for any moment of attack on me. As I started a little walk marching towards him, my heart would repeatedly pause me go ahead, but I would turn it away and go along, words I would speak “Hello! My little friend! Look what I have brought for you.” Frightened as I go along, with a scary heart, I suddenly thrown a piece of meat in front of him and stood watched him turning his head bow, deviating his attention to the food after few growling, I could see little change in the tempo of his growls, little frequency of his anger lowered down. There, I took a sigh of relief, “Ah! Thanks God! Friendly, he can no longer be my enemy, I splashed my head a bit the moment I kept the piece of meat, I heard baba saying “Sir! Get back, enough for today, enough for today, try another lesson tomorrow.”

“Hmm! Alright! I will do the same trick over and over again, till I win him over.” I promised myself with.

The very next day, as I rung the bell, it was silence all over, I couldn’t see Pluto somewhere in the porch rushing to me, I tickled myself with feelings , that yes, I won him over. But the moment I go inside the house, It took me by surprise to know that Pluto was taken to the dog hospital for treatment, as the family told me that he felt little nausea, running nose and shivering body had bad cold.

“Ah! Sad that food must have done something bad with him.” I disappointingly shrugged off my shoulder with cursing signs over my face, as I went on enquiring the family.

‘In fact, it was the house maid, who did something bad to Pluto, she hold his front feet stranded on his rear legs for too long, as he went so tired, that he fallen down immediately, the moment she released his too legs and couldn’t walk.” Shazia my student told me. “Then, he must have gone too sedated.” I said to her. “Yes! Too tired and exhausted that my mother took him to the Dr.” she explained. “So when you are bringing him back” I enquired Shazia. “Most probably by tomorrow, as the Dr. advised us to leave him for one day in the hospital.” She replied with anger and sorrow on her face. “so how the Pluto is now.” I again soothed her mood with pacifications. “Anyway, may Allah bless him with health” I prayed and started teaching her. That day, I came home back with injured feelings, hurted heart and thoughts of him all the way long.

The time when I saw Pluto was swiftly walking in the street, sniffing the bushes and grass hoping, take turns, wandering around, looking here and there, noosing puffing,  the very next day, I was walking down the street, I went so happy, delighted! But didn’t say any word of affection, no sign of “Love Affair”, so far ever started yet, between I and Pluto. As usual, I went inside the house, with a delightful mood! Shazia welcomed me, as I said”Congrates Shazia, Pluto is very fine now, I saw him outside.”  “Thank You Sir, off course, we are also very relieved.” She explained.

After my class was over, the excitement would surmount in my heart, to follow the script to win him over, so far I had just tried once. He was in the house, after 90 minutes of gap, I took in my class. I soon requested baba to give me some food as I wanted to continue with my lessons. So he did it, I again, with that flirty look started walking towards him, the time after few steps of movement ahead, what I was analyzing his stern, harsh attitude was little lowered and he showed little sign of affections and intimacy. This ignited my self confidence even greater and I said to myself, “Yes! Finally, he will no longer bit me and after all my friend.”

Each passing day, I would repeat the same practice, while continuously able to reduce his anger and increasing the affection and intimacy to Pluto, the day all of my uneasiness, curiosities were all flushed over and I was then in a position to tell baba to release him and let him set free with me.

It was a beautiful cloudy day, the spring was in full bloom, the month of April, as the trees are turning green and fresh air energizes your feelings. There is a vast park just beside the street, where people come out for walks and bring along their pets. I decided that I shall bring Pluto here for a walk. Pluto, Thursday, 22nd of April, I asked the mother of the house, to allow me to have Pluto with me for sometimes, to take him for a walk. “How! I cannot, he will bit you.” She surprisingly replied. “Not at all!, he doesn’t” I assured her. “Let me tell you something, in fact I had made him friend and won his intimacy.” I clarified the whole story of how I won Pluto’s trust. “Okay! You may take him along, but it must be for a short time,” she insisted.

Alright! Baba can you set Pluto free for me.” The mother pointed baba, the moment baba set the Pluto free, I was again drenched  with the phobia and obsessed with the scary trust over pluto’s trust. But as the door opened, he hurriedly scuttled, rushed towards me with nudging, whirling his tail giving the notion of affection and Love with me, showing the ultimate intimacy he exposed. I would sit over my knees, holding his head, pampering, coddling, swapping my hands over his body, and his interest would grow even further and would lay at ground, hip hoping.

And I said to myself “Oh Yes! I glossed him over; anything with the Love can be get.” I then took him to the walk in the Park.

Moral: Love wins the Hearts.



  1. Indeed but sometimes, the story gets length to take it to the resolution. You have to appeal it to the sense of the reader so as to keep him in a magic of suspens and interest. I hope you liked it.


  2. Lovely story Sajjad – easy to read and exactly with an “open gate” added to allow to liberate reader’s own imagination. It’s nice to play like this if we can :). However, I would argue a little with the moral you put on the end. If you want to know why, please read this story:

    My cat dosen’t love me. I took him neglected from someone who was told by doctors to be dead shortly. I thought, that was best I can do for this cat to help him to survive and also I just hoped we will like each other yet in the future. But unfortunatelly, this cat is a stranger. As long as he is hungry, he is nice but anytime I want to speak to him after meal, he shows his anger or just ignores me. He behaves like that to everyone in home and it goes to look even worse while visitors are coming. On such occasions he is in panic and tries to hide himself immediately. He never plays or interacts with others. Very often my friends ask me: “Why do you still care of this old and grumpy cat. You’ve got nothing in reward…” Well, exatcly, my cat isn’t nice but he is just a 14 years old pet. He probably was a tiger if people didin’t castrate him and if he was brave enough to go out from home… I think, this cat is the victim of the very unaware people. They owned him before me and it happened just because they wanted to own something. This poor pet had learnt that nobody cares what he really is, so he stayed happy to receive just a meal to be given 2-3 times per day. And now he gives me back all that emptyness: he doesn’t need anything from me – just a meal and the roof over his head.

    I love animals but I never met such a “cold one” in my life. Now I am responsible for all his life, which I have no idea how it look like before me and also I feel very sorry for him. I am not going to leave him because he isn’t nice and I am aware very much about that very possible trauma he could experience again by changing his owner. I am giving him my whole heart and as much attention as I can but he is not responding. I decided to believe that he loves me on his own way.

    Moral: if you don’t want to kill, keep the Love alive, even Hearts appear to be disappeared.

    There was a great (but ufortunately sad) Polish movie “Trzeba Zabic Te Milosc” made in 70’s by the Polish director Janusz Morgenstern (The English translation of the title made by me might means “This Love Must Be Killed”). I couldn’t find the version with English subtitles available on YouTube, so I chose just 5 mins long ending. I think it would be suitable to attache it here. Link:

    I really like your post. Also because it builds positives. Keep them comming, my friend. All the best to you.


    1. Wow! Amazing comments that you made and I am very impressed with your awesome writing skills Joanna. You’re an excellent writer too. Thanks for your appreciation and I eagerly and earnestly valuable comments, feedback of my friends. This way, I have managed to developed my beautiful social network of good friends and to learn from them.
      I agree to whatever you argue at my moral in the end but I had to end in a happy show down. Lol
      Thank you, stay blessed.


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