Rigging and Aspirations of the People

(By Sajjad Amin Bangash)

Have you ever imagined the night before the election or polls that if someone comes to you and say that ‘tomorrow you will loose and you will highly be disappointed at the outcomes?’

I am sure, you will think for a while to bust his or her nose and say ‘ How dare you could say that. Get the hell out of here.’ Lol off course you can’t afford to hear such rubbish comments at the moment where you’re highly committed, exciting and overly anxious about the results of tomorrow’s election. Why, because your feelings, emotions and future is highly associated with it and you wouldn’t never want to turn this life long opportunity throw away. Indeed,that’s what we all are very aspiring for it. But knowingly our dearest efforts, wishes, aspirations, dreams and slogans for our victory, we still miss one thing to understand and realize that some hidden, malicious and vested forces are well prepared to crush our jubilation and happiness of victory. This is called the ‘ well planned and laid out rigging’, which secretly manoeuvres the outcomes in their favour and snatch the victory from our hands for which we die for. But, how they do this and who are they?

Let me tell you in details.

In this world, there’s hardly 02% of the people exist who control our resources and they always want to expand their industries, wealth, social status and their monopolies living in power. They always claim in public appearances that they’re the ones who bring investment, jobs, improve economic conditions and work for the welfare of the people. They lure us with different incentives either economically, socially or psychologically and win the world through their tongues and they’re highly mobile, pretend to be caring to our feelings. They control media houses, print and electronic media, have links across the borders and mostly live in the most luxurious accommodations of the world. Their genuine identities are unidentified and unknown to a common citizen while very ubiquitous and often very called in TV shows, social gatherings and public forums. They’re called the ‘power politicians’, in the shape of different political parties in every country. They’re very sharp minded and have an hawk eye on the happenings inside the country and outside world.  They’re less concerned with the people’s aspirations, demands and civil rights but highly proactive and vigilant in safeguarding their interests, businesses and social stature.

In a country like Pakistan, where the public opinion is massively ignored and not taken care of, such elements which address the rights of people are already tortured and stubbed. In general election of May, 2013, this rigging mafia actively but secretly played its role through hidden inter-connected network which turned the election results in their favor.

They exist in our society as feudal lords, industrialists, dukes, nobles, terrorist groups, smugglers, mafia and business owners of multi- millions empires. They had been ruling Pakistan for the last 67 years and it is very Herculean task to disintegrate and replace them. So how they rigg the election?

The simple answer is by throwing money to media, judiciary, local administrations, bribing a huge portion of the people and international support. They already know the people’s mood and trends so they formulate several strategies to change the mindsets of people through media, lobbies, propagation, messengers and now a days, social media utility. They survive and grow their business empires social stature while staying in power.

I have lots of Facebook and offline friends in Scotland and what I could see was every friend of mine had attached a blue background ‘YES’ tag with their profile photos which would highly stimulate my dearest wishes for them to get their ‘victory of independence’, and my heart would equally enjoy the delight and happiness along but at the same, I was 50%, perplexed and doubtful that their might be a electoral fraud waiting for them for which they’re unknown and yes, that what happened with them the way, happened with us. Their life long dearest, aspiring dreams were stolen from them and all they could do was ‘ tears in their eyes, heart broken and extremely sad at this unwanted results’. During, this time span, I had been regularly chatting with friends and was equally calculating their moral encouragement and excitement but couldn’t even really forecasted the outcomes.

A month ago, I met my friend Faisal who’s a petroleum engineer in Qatar and he often visits several countries for his official duties in different countries oil fields. He was telling me that in Scotland, they have lots of oil fields in Aberdeen area and I have visited there. Now, this had given answer to ears as to why, Westminster would want Scotland to be independent. Simply, because based on such treasures, these politicians especially Westminster will totally be stockpiling huge profits and also Scotland GDP and per capita income would stay higher amongst top European countries.

I was following BBC and several other international channels such as CNN etc. What I had observed was an obvious propagation and jealousy by BBC towards ‘Scotland Referendum’, while CNN reported to be 51% Yes and 49% No.

Unfortunately, this is what happened with us in 2013 elections when this Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif had already planned the rigging through former chief justice and a private TV channel named ‘Geo News’. When only 15% results were announced, Geo Channel started to announce the Imran Khan’s candidates were winning and Nawaz Sharif appeared in public gathering waving ‘victory sign’, giving the notion to that channel to give me a winning mandate.  After that, they stopped the results showing for quite sometimes and after a lapse of some pauses in time, Nawaz Sharif candidates were shown winning. Now, this had set the trend for the entire country results were to be announced that Nawaz Sharif candidates had to win and all responsible officers started giving the false results and finally given the mandate to Nawaz Sharif as winner. Now, after a lapse of 14 months when Imran Khan launched a protest against the massive rigging for which he demanded only 04 constituencies to be recounted and they had been continuously refusing, Imran Khan proven to be true as election commission and supreme court on public pressure, recounted few constituencies and in every constituency a massive rigging has been traced. The worst aspect of these power politicians can traced from cruel fact that now,  all the 12 political parties including opposition parties got united against Imran Khan solidly on the clear premise that if this Prime Minister resigns and dissolves this assembly then they’re sure for their political deaths in the upcoming election and their vested interests will be fractured once they’re not in politics.

This is how and why, the rigging and electoral fraud are committed.



  1. Yes, Avril and it’s a true coincidence that the lies of your referendum and our election are uncovered. Imran Khan demanded a recount and so far, in every constituency, massive rigging has been traced.


  2. The State will not readily give up it’s power over the masses. Salvation will take time and effort but it is achievable through the ballot box. Radical free of thought or influence journalism is unfortunately a thing of the past but the internet is a potent weapon if used wisely. Get others on theside of right and momentum will be guaranteed. Imran Khan is not short of finance and contacts and he might be persuaded of the need to ensure distribution of computers and other systems to supporters and their contacts.


    1. That’s true and governments always find ways to remain in power. That’s why we are struggling against. These ‘status quo politicians’ never leave but we have almost got rid of them’. Secondly, people love Imran Khan and generously donating him. Just recently, he gave a call of donation to raise 01 billion for his cancer hospital, people donated over 1.3 billion in one day.


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