Why I like social media?

My Favorite Thing about the Social Media:

Social Media is a new embedded word in modern languages, I am sure our elder generations wouldn’t have heard this word. Why would they, since in their time, the world wasn’t too narrowed and less technology laden?

Computer is a great invention and investment of human beings and to acclaim its productive effects to the human emancipation is countless. Gone are the days, when people would write and send mails which would take days or weeks to reach to its final destination and convey and reply the messages. Gone are the days, when we the young kids would wait desperately for hours for ‘Ninja Turtles’ or ‘ Mickey Mouse’, the favorite cartoons of our time. What I can see in the children is that they’re not that jammed packed in front of TV for the cartoons or people have to wait for the letters to be arrived in few days or watch their favorite TV programs before and after its time.

Why and what happened that everyone is care free for the time schedule?

The correct answer is the ‘birth of social media networks’.

It’s the modern time, the time of internet and social media which has condensed the world, contracted the distances of thousands miles while made the connectivity free and faster.

The modern tools of social media such as facebook, twitter, YouTube, Skype, Whatsapps, Viber etc. have connected the people of cross cultures, languages, beliefs, races, demographics etc while making it possible for the people of cross borders to share views, opinions, photos, videos, emails etc. in a home setting environment, cars, offices or even walking thus converting the world of distances into a shell which is now called ‘global village’. Thanks to social media for providing us opportunities to make friends of different countries, culture, religions and languages thus educated people about people of different countries, languages, political movements and expanded knowledge horizon.

When I am writing this article, I have one thing cleared in my mind that I will not have to worry about the readers. Why, because I know that I will be posting it in my blog, share it via social media and my friends round the globe will read it.

There are countless benefits this media has brought to us but the most noticeable advantage that social media has played a role in human development is ‘awareness’ to all of those who were not seen or listened in the past. For instance, in this world there are millions of people whose rights and voices were oppressed and  stabbed. One such evidence we can see is the Arab spring which by all means, is the ultimate source of social media and by which millions of people got their freedom from oppression and state brutality.

In addition, lot of people got rich because the effective marketing tools and employment opportunities have been created by social media. People now use social media for the promotion of their businesses, skill and attract more customers thus increasing their earnings.

I love education and for me, social media is proven to be a great blessings as now, I don’t have to go to book stores to buy expensive books or borrow from libraries. I just need to search in the search engines and then within a blink of my eyes, I can read several reading materials of my interests.  Likewise, I always wanted to become a writer but due to time constraints, unaffordable cost of education and lack of effective education, I couldn’t learn it but after the advent of internet, I have learned it from several online educational websites and now, I am spreading my knowledge and experience to those who need it and unable to pay for higher education. While the children just need to turn on the YouTube and watch cartoons as maximum as they can.

Social media is a great blessings for everyone but one biggest drawback associated with it is that ‘the content’ which means that, the people should try not to harm other feelings, beliefs, or emotions since everyone has the right of free will and freedom of expression.

My life is changed now and social media has a great contribution in it. Be a part of social and spread knowledge.

God bless you.


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