The sick and tortured democracy of Pakistan.

image The Sick and Tortured Democracy of Pakistan (By Sajjad Amin Bangash) In the last 40 years of democratic history of Pakistan, the political set up was controlled and administerd by feudal lords, industrialists, corrupt elite section of society who by their very access to the national treasures have accumulated huge amount of money thus transferred those funds abroad and created huge business empires. This section of the society is very few in numbers but very actively imposed their vested interests on their followers to gather votes, propagate their political agendas and reach the parliament and eventually caged the democracy under their chains. They have been ruling Pakistan for the last 40 years and gained a substantial amount of benefits while in being in politics closing all the doors to the ordinary and well-educated class of Pakistani society to either participate in political participation or government jobs as merits for them do not carry any meanings. The worst aspects of these politician’s politics is that they’ve caged the whole system of Pakistan from judiciary to taxation, police to media and from aviation to industrial set ups. The election commission of Pakistan has been paralyzed duly for the sake of their well -managed rigging and fake degrees attestation. A clear instance of their power and hegemonic existence can be drawn from the fact that in the 2013 general elections in Pakistan where the people voted for Imran Khan and few other candidates of their liking, the outcomes of the polls turned out to be something else and this prime minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif is the production of this massive rigging in the election. But now, with the emergence of Imran Khan in this political hemisphere, their hegemonic dichotomy is diminishing as Imran Khan is letting the nation waking up and standing them on their feet. This is the reason that these gangs of politicians are up against Imran Khan knowing their political deaths. Imran Khan launched the protest against the election fraud and sit in a protest rally for the last 60 days, seen a high organized coalition of these ‘so called democracy which runs under feet, forgetting all their political differences merely to protect and safeguard their own interests.



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