Guidelines for Creative Writing

 The Guidelines for Creative Writing:

(By Sajjad Amin Bangash)

Writing is an excellent art and the expression of your insight but an aspirant writer needs to undergo some specific guidelines which will remove the initial blocking barricades an amateur writer faces. I had this tendency to gather several ideas in my mind but the only worry which would kept me trapped in putting them on paper was that I was lacking the realistic technical guidelines of creative writing. I would express those generic ideas orally but couldn’t write well simply because I couldn’t have the right guidelines to process those ideas into writing piece. I spent lot of time and put forward strenuous efforts on research of learning those engineering tools of writing. I had finally acquired those skills which are prerequisites of creative writing.

1. Unblock the Writer’s Block: 

The first attempt to kill the ‘writer’s block’, and how to get through this impediment is to free write. By ‘free writing’, I mean that write as maximum as you can without taking care of grammatical mistakes and assimilation of ideas in an order. The initial draft will not look that effective and interesting one but this is a good way to follow the track of putting your ideas on the paper and by repeating it for several times, you would be able to express your insights and ideas well.

2. Brainstorm the Topic:

After gaining confidence and able to express your ideas well now, the next phase is to ‘brainstorm the topic’, which means that to gather maximum ideas about a particular topic. You can gather ideas by doing online research, ask from friends, books and by walking down the street, park, car etc. Anything can allure your eyes, mind and heart and can become the source of ideas generation. The best way to organize your ideas is to list them down in order . Once you’ve organized your ideas, then the next stage will be to expand your ideas with supporting details and examples which will validate your points or arguments. For instance, if I am writing about mobile phone, then I will have to split my topic in mobile features, warranty, battery life, camera, specifications etc.

3. Rectification of Errors:

In a third step, now after being able to write a reasonable draft, you will be able to identify the major mistakes that you make during writing. Here, you need to edit those mistakes as of grammatical, spellings, sentence structure, clause level etc. Fine tune and rectify those errors and re-write a well thought out draft with a clean touch.

4. The Final Draft

After getting through these early steps, now you are well equipped with skills needed to write an interesting and appealing writing piece. You can dedicate more of your time for inspiring ideas and give them a shape in the form of writing. The imaginations are the sources of writing and anything can inspire you i.e, walking down the street in a cloudy weather with thunderstorms can allure you to capture those moments in writing. Just imagine of the mountains of clouds hovering around and the sparking layer of the thunderstorms can allure you to write. For instance, the light and dark grey colored clouds are hugging each other up in the sky trying to block the ways of the sharp yellow blazes of Sun getting through the clouds, announcing the coming of rainfall.



  1. I wanted to tһank youu for tҺis excellent read!! I absolutely enjoyed every bit օf it.
    I have you book-marked to look at neww things yߋu


    1. Hello Jack! This is Sajjad Amin Bangash from Islamabad, Pakistan and I feel honored and privileged to read your wonderful comments and appreciation on my article ‘Guidelines for Creative Writing’ in my blog at

      I’m an international writer, blogger and lecturer – teaching business communication, creative writing and spoken English proficiency courses here in Pakistan.

      I have been training staff of several international organizations such as UN, US-Embassy, European Union Missions in Pakistan.

      You can reach me at:

      Facebook: Sajjad Amin Bangash

      Hope to hear from you, if you further need my assistance.

      Thanks and regards
      Sajjad Amin Bangash


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